Post TI7: Dota 2 Southeast Asia reshuffle

Photo: TNC showed early life, but LFY's Super Bristleback proved unstoppable as TNC fall to the Lower Bracket to face OG. — Valve

There’s a saying that nothing is forever in Dota 2. While it might be true somehow, we are now seeing more changes to the lineups that took part in The International 2017 and its regional qualifiers.

It’s interesting times in Southeast Asia as the region’s finest – “Mushi” and “iceiceice” plot their comeback after missing out in this year’s world championship.

The new Mineski lineup sees Malaysian superstar “Mushi” Chai Yee Fung teaming up with the Singapore’s best, “iceiceice” Daryl Koh.

The veteran duo will be mentoring the new generation of players – “NaNa” Kam Boon Seng (Malaysia), “Jabz” Anucha Jirawong (Thailand) and “ninjaboogie” Michael Ross Jr. (Philippines).

Will Mushi finally land a major tournament before calling it quits? Only time will tell.

There’s only one chance at Philippines-based Execration. After placing 13-6th at The International 2017, the team decided that a minor change was needed.

Execration welcomes the latest addition, “Gabbi” Kim Villafuerte back into the team after less than a year away.

The rest of the lineup include “James” James John, “Raging Potato” Jay Qui,  “RR” Ralph Penano and “LeumiK” Kimuel Rodis.

Contrary to the current trend in the game, Execration will be maintaining its all-Philippines lineup.

Fresh from a pretty successful outing in Seattle, TNC Pro Team will be maintaining its existing lineup.

The Filipino team consists of “Raven” Marc Polo Luis Fausto, “Kuku” Carlo Palad, “Sam_H” Samson Solomon Enojosa Hidalgo and “Tims “Timothy Randrup. Canadian veteran “1437” Theeban Silva completes the lineup.

WarriorsGaming.Unity first made the headlines by edging out Fnatic in the SEA qualifiers for a place in The Boston Major last December.

However, the team has now gone 360 with the announcement of a new mixed nationality lineup. It was previously an all-Malaysian team.

The new lineup will see feature “Meracle” Galvin Kang (Singapore), “Feero” Feras Hroob (Jordan), “Velo” Kim Tae-sung (Australia), “sQreen” Khaled El-Khabbash (Russia) and “Flysolo” Kenneth Coloma (Philippines).

Former players – “Ah Fu” Tue Soon Chuan and “NaNa” are now representing LFY (LGD.Forever Young) and Mineski respectively.

UPDATE: August 26

The latest lineup for SEA powerhouse Fnatic might be a sign that patience is running thin, as the franchise starts diversifying beyond the region.

While both “Ohaiyo” Khoo Chong Xin and “DJ” Djardel Mampusti remain with the team, the roster has added three non-SEA players into the lineup.

First up is the North American start “EternalEnVy” Jacky Mao from Cloud 9. He will be joined by former teammate “Pieliedie” Johan Åström from the newly disbanded team.

Completing the lineup is “Excalibur” Steve Ye from Sweden, a former stand-in for the European-based Fnatic lineup in 2014.

If two major teams are not enough, here comes another from Philippines.

Clutch Gaming features four Filipinos – “Mac” Mac Tan, “Armel” Armel Paul Tabios, “Bokerino” Jun Kanehara, and “Boombacs” Marvin Rushton, as well as Canadian veteran “Jeyo” Jio Madayag.

Jeyo was part of the Complexity Gaming team in The International 2012.

UPDATE: August 28

Former Fnatic support player “343” Adam Shah returns as the leader of Fire Dragoon, now known only as “adam”.

Completing the all-Malaysian lineup are another recent Fnatic alumni “Ahjit” Lai Jay Son, “BrayaNt” Brayant Pang, “yang” Liang Ying Yang and “AlaCrity” Vincent Hiew.

With most of the other major Malaysian teams opting for a mixed lineup for the upcoming season, Fire Dragoon might be the one to root for this time around.


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