Fnatic unveils new lineup

Photo: Ohaiyo and DJ are the only survivors from the The International 2017 lineup. — Fnatic

The future of Fnatic in Southeast Asia seems increasingly uncertain especially with the new lineup unveiled today.

Only two SEA players — “Ohaiyo” Khoo Chong Xin (Malaysia) and “DJ” Djardel Mampusti (Philippines) remain from the lineup that participated in The International 2017 in Seattle.

The duo will be joined by “EternalEnVy” Jacky Mao (Canada) and “Pieliedie” Johan Åström (Sweden), both who were part of Cloud 9 lineup in TI7. The team was rumoured to be disbanded after a poor showing in Seattle.

Former Fnatic stand-in player, “Excalibur” Steve Ye from Sweden completes the lineup.

“It’s no secret that results didn’t go the way we had hoped in Seattle. Yes, it was a big achievement to even make it to the event, but to crash out in the group stage was not the standard that Fnatic fans have come to expect,” according to the statement posted on its website.

“We’ve been back to the drawing board over the past few weeks, profiling what sort of players – and what sort of team we want to secure as we prepare for the new season.”

What do you think of the latest Fnatic lineup? Should the team remain in SEA? Or perhaps compete in North America or Europe?

Source: Fnatic



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