“343” Adam Shah joins all-Malaysian team Fire Dragoon

Photo: 343 will play in the offlane role with Fire Dragoon. — ESL

Game of Thrones might have ended with an ice dragon wreaking havoc in the north but things seem to be turning out well again for former Fnatic support player “343” Adam Shah.

343 will now be representing Fire Dragoon eSports, an all-Maysian team alongside another former Fnatic member “Ah Jit” Lai Jay Son.

The rest of the lineup include “Brayant” Brayant Pang, “Yang” Yang Liang Ying and “AlaCrity” Vincent Hiew.

343 first came into the limelight as part of the Fnatic lineup that clinched fourth placing in The International 2016 alongside Malaysian teammates “Mushi” Chai Yee Fung, “MidOne” Zheng Yeik Nai, “Ohaiyo” Khoo Chong Xin and Filipino “DJ” Djardel Mampusti.

The team in 2016 remained one of the best for Fnatic in recent years as it climbed all the way back from the lower bracket after a poor showing in the group stages, taking out Alliance, Team Liquid and MVP Phoenix before losing out to Digital Chaos.

While TI6 was the height of his career, he has since seen mixed fortune over the past year with short stints representing Mineski and B)ears among others. He also coached Complexity Gaming in the TI7 qualifiers.

However, with Complexity’s failure in the qualifiers and he ended up without a team again, thus missing TI7 altogether.

“So at that point, I was kinda teamless, again. I started to think about what went wrong, when did I become a player without a value,” he said in a post on TwitLonger.

“I was mad at myself, I feel like I made a lot of mistakes but I learnt a lot from them as well. I want to show the world what I can do.”

Finally seeing all-Malaysian lineup with the potential to challenge the best in the region is indeed a pleasant surprise as more teams have opted for a mixed nationality lineup for the upcoming season.

Let’s hope that Fire Dragoon will be able to shine especially with a number of tournaments coming our way pretty soon.

Heck, we might even see them in the upcoming Malaysia eSports League (MESL) in the coming weeks, fingers crossed.


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