Return of the Phoenix?

Photo: MVP Phoenix was one of the strongest teams in SEA before its disbandment in 2016. — Valve

We might soon be seeing the return of the fan-favourite dark horse in Dota 2 as the members of the former MVP Phoenix (MVP) are set to be reunited.

The tweet by player “QO” Kim Seon-yeob confirms the reunion for the yet-to-be named team made up of himself, “MP” Pyo No-a , “Forev” Lee Sang-don, “Febby” Kim Yong-min and “DuBu” Kim Doo-young.

No further details were provided. There is no confirmation too from the MVP franchise on the return of the players under its banner.

All five took part in the recently concluded The International 2017 in Seattle, albeit for different teams.

MP turned out for Team Secret while Forev and DuBu were part of Digital Chaos. Meanwhile QO and Febby represented Fnatic.

MVP from South Korea was without doubt one of the strongest teams we have ever seen if Southeast Asia, known for its incredibly aggressive play style.

In fact, 2015 was the best year for Korean Dota with two MVP outfits in The International with sister team MVP Hot6ix in tow.

However, the team disbanded after The International 2016 due to members’s desire to gain much needed exposure and experience beyond their home soil.

And yes, if you are wondering, South Korea is indeed part of Southeast Asia, at least in only in Dota 2.

This is due to the in-game regional division where the rest of Asia and the Pacific are parked under SEA.

In contrast, South Korea is a region itself in League of Legends, with the best teams coming from the land of K-pop.

There are currently six regions in the game – North America, South America, Europe, CIS (former Soviet), China and SEA.

South America and CIS are the latest additions as only four regions were recognised in previous years.


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